Who am I

Doctorate in law from the University Pierre Mendés France in Grenoble I am specialized in the history of institutions and social facts,a subject I have taught for four years in the same university.

Before settling as a professionnal genealogist I received a degree to practice this job from a professionnal who was then practising in the province of Limousin. After many stages in the Record office of Tulles I started my job in october 1992.

My competences are actives in different uses such as the setting up of family tree ascendants and descendants but also the elaboration of family memoirs,the documentary research for public organism,for writers or scientists,the research of titles to property and eventually heirs.

My investigations take place in the Record office of Isére,Drôme and Savoie. On a specific estimate I may open my field of investigations.
Press (french)
Généalogie : l'arbre qui cache la forêt.
Press (french)
Profession : Chasseur d'ancêtres.
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